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Life’s Soundtrack’s – A Strong Run with B B King – An Afternoon with Trooper and Knopfler!

So I ran today for the third Monday in a row! Now if I can only get two more days in a week, maybe I can get back into some kind of shape. Today’s run was probably my best run since I started back running regularly last month. Like my last run, it’s nice to look down at the iPhone and see paces that are less than 10 minutes per mile. I think I also stayed below 11 minutes per mile going uphill on Pancoast!! On earlier runs, I struggled to stay under 12 minutes per mile going uphill!! Here are the splits according to the GPS:

1 10:05
2 10:34 – uphill
3 10:18 downhill uphill, downhill!
4 10:39 –

Overall, I don’t think that’s too bad for a soon to be 62-year-old!Live at the RegalThe soundtrack of the run was B.B. King’s Live at the Regal  Even though I’m running better, I’m still concentrating more on breathing and my heart rate than I am listening to music. So I really can’t write much about the album, after the first two tracks “Everyday I have the Blues” and “Sweet Little Angel” than it sounded great!! I do know that whatever song came on as I was going up Pancoast, it helped get me in a rhythm that made it easier to chug up the hill!!Incident On Willow StreetThis afternoon, I did get to listen again to Greg Trooper‘s new album Incident on Willow Street, which I think may be his best album yet! My favorite tracks so far include: “All the Way to Amsterdam” and “Good Luck Heart”.  But as I look down the track listing, I catch myself saying the typical, “I like that one, and that one!!” I’ll try to write a full review in the next couple of days!!PrivateeringThe other album that I gave a first listen to this afternoon was Privateering from Mark Knopfler. There are no Dire Straits or Mark Knopfler solo albums in my music library. The main reason being that he rose to prominence during those years from 1980 to 1995, when I was spending more time raising children than listening to music. I certainly knew the hits from the radio, but they didn’t make it to my library. I will say that I am enjoying the album and may have to go back into his back catalog and check out some more of his music. Privateering is currently No 16 on the Americana Music Chart. Let me know if any wants to write something about the album!!

Since I’ve listen to the beginning of Privateering a couple of times, I am more familiar with the first several tracks than the rest! It’s a double album!. Here’s the second track “Haul Away” right now it’s my favorite!!

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