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Lunchtime Music – from Jerry Jeff Walker as he takes to the road with “Stoney”

Bein' FreeSo through my years of listening to music, I’ve met a lot of characters. There’s a tailor from Ohio named “Mr. Tanner” and that Taxi driver “Harry” that Mr. Chapin sang about. Darryl Purpose told me a tale about “Mr, Schwinn”, and John Prine sang a song about “Sam Stone”. Through the years, Jerry Jeff Walker has introduced me to a lot of folks like Charlie Dunn the boot maker, Manny the hat maker and Curly and Lil those singers, but one of the first was Harry Stoneback, who I meet on JJW’s album Bein’ Free. Only when JJW was walking down those roads with Harry, he knew him as “Stoney”. Stoney’s story has played over and over in the jukebox in my head for the last 40 some odd years.

Back in college in an English class we once had to recite contemporary poetry of some sort, anyway, I used a several songs. The two that I remember were  “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy” and JJW’s “Stoney”  I think that the third may have been Mr. Bojangles!  I received a nice round of applause when I finished!!

Anyway, here’s some late morning music that now has become lunchtime music, lots of images are created for me in this song!! Oh and Steve Goodman introduced me to Turnpike Tom and…..