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Life’s Soundtrack A Good Slow Run with Katatonia!

So I ran again last night. I was going to go Sunday but the temperature topped out close to 90 degrees. The forecast for Monday had the high at 81, which is more in my comfort zone,so I waited.
Before I ran I created a new loop course that was around four miles and took of with Runmeter marking the miles and Katatonia, a progressive metal band in my ears. Overall the first three miles weren’t too bad then my heart rate. started going up, so I cut my pace back to keep it under 170! While the run seemed faster and easier, the overall pace was around that same 10:45 min per mile pace. Hey, it was still fairly warm and I did it and that’s what counts!

Dead End KingsThe soundtrack for the run was Dead End Kings the 2012 release from Katatonia. From Wikipedia:

Katatonia is a Swedish metal band formed in Stockholm in 1991 by Jonas Renkse (formerly known as Lord Seth) and Anders Nyström (formerly known as Blakkheim). The early Katatonia albums, along with albums by bands such as My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost, are sometimes considered forerunners of the death/doom genre. Read More

I guess it wasn’t much of a pick me up album, but then again I paid attention to it, mostly to try to take my mind off my struggles and to slowdown. So maybe it was a good album for that! Anyway I liked what I heard, but I think I’m going to have to listen when I’m not running, to decide how I really feel about the band!

Here’s the official video for “Lethean”.from Dead End Kings!i