FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Afternoon Music with Jerry Jeff and thoughts of our children!

So over the last week as my wife has organized her old pictures from her grandmother, she’s also come across other pictures of our family, scanned and posted them on Facebook. Some of the photos she’s posted we haven’t seen for a while, while others are old favorites. She posted this one of our son Peter on the day that he left to go to Long Island for six weeks for his new job. It reflects his nickname when he was little “Bossy Boots”

bossy bootsYes, Peter often wanted things his way and ofttimes to the consternation of his brothers, he got things the way he wanted., But he has grown up to be a very self-confident and independent young man, who will do anything to help anyone!! A co-worker at Target said last night when I mentioned Pete, that i raised him right, Sometimes though, my wife and I shake our heads and say “Can we really take any responsibility for how he has turned out?”

Here’s an old one of Nick and Andrew on an Easter morning many years ago, my wife hasn’t posted it recently, but it brought back some memories today!

Nick and AndrewNick and Andrew are about two and a half years and a half different in age (Sept 1979 to April 1982) They always shared a bedroom and got along great. Then came Pete four years later and “bossy boots” always drove them crazy because like I said, many times he would get his own way…. we would always tell them, we pick our battles and well this one now is not one we need to win!!

Peter and ElizaethThen came Elizabeth and we learned what sibling rivalries were all about, The two of them would argue about everything including who got to sit in the front of the car the longest, when I would take them somewhere together! When their brothers would complain we would often tell them that they have no one to blame but themselves! They were so easy and good that having more didn’t seem like a big deal. But if Pete and Elizabeth had come first, well, maybe we would have only had two!! But seeing how none of them were really planned, I don’t think that would have happened!!!

Ok so why all this reminiscing, well, part of it is that my wife said the other day that I only listen to music for the technical aspects of the music and not the way the song makes me feel, and maybe that is true to an extent, but there are certainly many songs that I listen to that evoke strong emotions in me. One of them is “She Knows Her Daddy Sings” or “Jessie’s Song” by Jerry Jeff Walker. ¬†After watching this video and seeing Jerry Jeff with his now married daughter, well, it made me think of my now grown children!!