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The Musicians Train ends with The Rides – Can’t Get Enough!

The RidesSo now if you get to old timers together like Stephen Stills and Barry Goldberg together and they start thinking, hey how about we do an album like Super Session. We’ll get some guys together and just have some fun making music. So how should they round our their little group?…. hum maybe by getting a young Mike Bloomfield which they by adding Kenny Wayne Sheppard to round out their trio!! The result is supergroup of great talented musicians Stephen Stills, Barry Goldberg and Kenny Wayne Sheppard and they call themselves The Rides.  Today I  listened to their new album Can’t Get Enough for the first time – hell it was only released yesterday! Can't Get Enough

From Kenny Wayne Sheppard’s website:

The Rides took shape after Stills and Goldberg wrote together at their mutual manager Elliot Roberts’ recommendation. “It was like finding a long lost soul brother,” says Goldberg (who hadn’t met Stills before, their shared 1968 credit notwithstanding). “We connected on so many things, started jamming, and soon had begun writing our first song.” Next came Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and their three-way chemistry was immediate and intense. “The Rides are a perfect mix of generations, where three musicians who love and play the blues collide and create music that goes beyond all our other individual life experiences and career achievement,” says 36-year-old, Shepherd, who’s had six #1 Blues albums. Can’t Get Enough is inspired by—and is an homage to—the now-classic 1968 album Super Session, which featured Stills on guitar on one side, and the late Mike Bloomfield on the other (Bloomfield had founded Electric Flag with Goldberg, who also played on Super Session, as did Blood, Sweat & Tears keyboardist Al Kooper). The Rides bring a historic and distinctively American musical form into the 21st century, and Stills calls the group the “the blues band of my dreams…..


“In the spirit of that simple, raw authentic 40s and 50s blues music the three of us love, we got in there and boom! A few takes and we were done,” says Stills” Read more

I enjoyed the album, the crashing guitars of Stills and Sheppard and some nice keyboard work from Goldberg particularly on my favorite track on the album, a cover of the Muddy Waters song “Honey Bee”. The opening and closing tracks “Roadhouse” and “Word Game” respectively also come highly recommended!! I know I’m going to be listening to this one a lot over the next few weeks.

Here’s the Official Video première of The Rides – “Don’t Want Lies”