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A Good Run with a New App and The CD Woodbury Band!

Monday NightSo after two runs last week and then not being able to run this weekend because of Elizabeth’s move, and work at Target, I was determined to run last night. On the last two runs, I had used my work Windows phone and an app called Run the Map. It worked ok but for some reason the phone would only play half of the songs on the album I was listening to, so the headphones came off about mid-way in the run, which actually wasn’t that bad because I was struggling at the end of the runs so I really wasn’t listening, because I was paying attention to my heart rate. Anyway last night I found an app. for my Iphone called Runmeter I haven;’ figured out all the options yet but yesterday it was displaying the pace I was running at the time and my average pace for the run. When I finished  both the total distance of the run and the pace were close to what I had measured the course at and the pace from my heart monitor watch!! Overall the time over about 4.2 miles was 44:38 almost three ,minutes faster than a week ago and the pace was around 10:40 per mile, Not too bad considering that the 12 whole miles I’ve run in August beats the average over the May, June and July by a lot!!

The soundtrack for the run was a new blues album by The CD Woodbury Band Monday Night! This is what  Nik Rodewald of Blues Rock Review  writes about the album:

“A rocking album, full of burning guitar, tasteful keyboards, soulful sax, and great tunes, Monday Night! is a solid debut for the CD Woodbury Band. Full of rocking swing-revival, classic Texas shuffles, seasoned with hints of R&B and jazz, the album features a band that can downright play… …The album is well worth a listen. Not only is the playing and production quite good, but the style is unique. Of course, the band draws heavily on more traditional blues influences, but their sound is not old-fashioned. Quite the contrary, they are a new and unique addition to the blues tradition.

This band and I stress the word band that carries the name of their leader C,D, Woodury, is a tight band that produces some great music. They hail from the Seattle area and in 2010 after adding Sax    player  Mike Marinig, the band received the B.B. Award for Best New Band by the Washington Blues Society, and CD Woodbury was awarded Best Electric Guitar!!CD Woodbury BandThe current line-up for the band is:

C.D. Woodbury – Guitar & Vocals
Chris Kliemann – Keys & Vocals
Don Montana – Drums & Vocals
Mike Fish – Bass & Vocals
Mike Marinig – Saxophone, Flute, Vocals, and Auxiliary Instruments

The mixing of Woodbury’s guitar, Kliemann’s piano and Marinng’s sax keep the music really rocking!!
So check them out!!! Here’s a little taste of the band’s style!!