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Sean Burns – Cold Beans and Broken Eggs

Sean Burns – Cold Beans and Broken Eggs  – Canadicana?

After “Whiskey Glass”, the first song on Sean Burns‘ recent album Cold Beans and Broken Eggs, I thought I was listening to another great Texas troubadour. I questioned that thought though, when the second song started with…..

Sean Burns – Tumbleweed2

tumbleweed gaining speed across Saskatchewan
dust in my brain it’s two weeks since I left home
I met a waitress in Regina,
hitching a ride to Saskatoon,,,,,

After visiting his website, I discovered that Sean calls Ontario home but Sean is just likely to be found in Calgary, Vancouver, Thunder Bay or Ottawa, as he tours from one end of Canada to the other.

The Songs of  Cold Beans and Broken Eggs

In the past I’ve written that one of the ways that I know I REALLY like an album is if the songs or images from the song stay in my head after the music stops playing. Well that’s the way it is with this album. The songs have great hooks and chorus’ like “Whiskey Glass”, “Joseph Hill”. While the images created in: “Texas” and “Cabdriver” of people struggling with life’s problems. There’s a struggle to decide between a baseball career and helping on the family farm in “Texas”. In “Cabdriver” there’s a robbery . All of the images stay with you!

The Players on Cold Beans and Broken Eggs

Along with his great songwriting, sometimes alone and other times with partners, Sean provides great lead vocals, acoustic guitar and electric bass. Derek Downham lays down a steady rhythm on drums, while multi-instrumentalist Wade Mosher plays electric guitar, accordion, mandolin, organ, percussion as well as adding backing vocals. Denise McKay also provides gorgeous background vocals on most songs.

I could go on and on about all the songs on the album because they’re all good, first to last! Maybe you should just check it out! And you don’t just have to trust me, you can get a second opinion here at American Roots Music or at his Bandcamp site.

Here’s a stripped down version of “Joseph Hill”…. “Joseph Hill was a long haul driver…..” It’s in my head!!