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Morning Blues Rock from Mile Train!!

I'd Rather Feel adSo this yesterday the album, Folksongs of the American Longhair, by Brother Dege was listed on my Just For You on Mog. It was listed because I recently listened to US Rails. Since the cover looked interesting, mostly because brother was holding a dobro , I gave it a listen and I really liked it. After the album finished, a mix of similar artist came, as I listened I thought I like that track and that one after a few tracks I looked to see the artists. The list included bands I never heard of including: Mile Train, Devil’s Hollow and Cashbox. After a few more tracks, I switched to the full albums for each of these artists, and I think I’ll be adding some new artists to my library.

The two bands that I listened to first were, Mile Train and Devil’s Hollow and they both played that blues rock, Southern Rock that I love and thought that no one played anymore!! I listened to Mile Train’s 2008 album I’d Rather Feel Bad first and then Devil’s Hollow’s 2010 self-titled dĂ©but album and I really like both of them. My favorite appears to be the one I’m listening to, and now that’s Mile Train.Mile trainMile Train is blues rock band that calls Carrolton, Georgia home. Founded by lead guitarist and vocalist David Pippin in 2007 and since then they’ve toured the south making fans all over opening for acts like Wet Willie and The Michael Allman Band. They have also headlined such annual festivals as Little Big Jam and The Southern Social Experiment, and were eve chosen by Derek Trucks to play the Springing the Blues Festival in Jacksonville, Fl! Other members of the and include: Cole Arthur-Lead Guitar, TC Ray-Drums and Destyn Perry-Bass Guitar.

I listened to other their first album, and their latest release Lifted of the two on first listen, I liked the first album better.That album seems to be a little more raw and the guitar work a little stronger, but who knows after a few more listens which one I’ll like better. I’ll write more later about Devil’s Hollow!! But for now here’s some morning music from Mile Train!!

Happy Fourth of July all have a great day!!