FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Moving forward more Jazz and Prog Rock, but I won’t forget my Roots or lose my Blues!

So yesterday was KT Tunstall’s birthday. The Scottish singer-songwriter was born on June 23, 1975. In the interest of discovery I thought it would be interesting to listen to one of her albums. I chose one of the most recent albums 2010’s Tiger Suit and it was not bad and I’m listening to it now and liking in more than on the first quick listen.

EarfoodBut after the first listen yesterday, I started thinking about the music I listen to and really like, and the key ingredient is the music, i.e. the instruments, not the vocals, if the vocals are good that’s a bonus for me! Give me a tight bluegrass band with a great mandolin, banjo or dobro player and I’m a happy camper. It’s the same with rock give me those wailing guitars and keyboards and I’m all in. This led me to thinking more and more about jazz and New Age… the guitars, pianos, trumpets, sax, I love them all and eagerly await their solos! So last night, I set out to find some of the new jazz artists. The other night I found bassist Ben Williams, and vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz, and last night I came across trumpeter Roy Hargrove, now Hargrove is not that young he was born in 1969, and his discography as a band leader dates back to 1989, but considering that the majority of jazz musicians that I listen to were in their prime in the 1950s and 60s, he’s a newbie! I listened this morning to his 2008 release Earfood, which is actually a Roy Hargrove Quintet release. Here’s what Allmusic writes about the album:

 The now mature jazz trumpeter/composer/bandleader Roy Hargrove, who has been utterly masterful since the beginning of his career, has been involved with various all-star bands, neo-fusion outfits, and made a very good living playing modern instrumental music. Now he is reaching a new and elevated level of pure jazz artistry with Earfood. A studio recording of his live touring repertoire with his working quintet, Hargrove presents several ballads, favorites from jazz veterans, and well rendered originals, all in the spirit of the famed trumpeters who preceded him. Alto saxophonist Justin Robinson and pianist Gerald Clayton are not only rising stars and standout soloists, but also players perfectly compatible to play this contemporary and mainstream modern jazz. Add young bassist Danton Bolder and the excellent drummer Montez Coleman, and you have a band that can bring Hargrove’s music fully to life. Continue Reading 

So as I move forward on this blog, I think I will focus more on instrumental music leaning toward and exploring more, Jazz and New Age, along with Progressive Rock. That doesn’t mean I’m leaving the world of Blues, Folk and Americana, no I will still be listening and writing about those genres, including the new Slaid Cleaves album, which I believe will be released tomorrow!

But for tonight here’s some great trumpet playing from Roy Hargrove “Invitation”…..