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This Day in Music – 1937 – Happy Birthday Waylon Jennings

Waylon JenninsSo on this date 1937 in Littlefield, Texas an Americana music legend was born. Waylon Arnold Jennings.(June 15, 1937–February 13, 2002) Waylon along with Willie Nelson is responsible for the kind of music that I love. Waylon had recorded music for many years, when in the mid 1970s he said no to Nashville’s sound. You know the one with too many strings and a pop inflect. Waylon wanted it too sound his way…. so he became an “Outlaw” and along with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash created a ragged, maverick image and a music that was independent from Nashville. The movement went on to become a significant force in music during ’70s, and laid the foundation for Americana music, a genre that adheres to its hardcore honky-tonk roots!

I have a lot of Waylon’s music in my library including: solo albums, albums with Willie and Johnny and Kris, as well as tracks that feature duets with Kimmie Rhoades. They are a couple of my favorite songs. His voice is one of the VOICES in music that I love! So on this Saturday morning, let’s celebrate and think about all the great music that he made and to get us moving here’s one of my favorites. Waylon and Willie singing about that “Good-Hearted Woman” Waylon miss you! Happy Birthday and Thanks!