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Life’s Soundtrack – A tough run – but an Introduction to Pendragon makes it better!

This year has been a bad running year, I just find myself finding other things to do than ponding the pavement. But today I talked myself into getting out there and running for only the second time this  month! I don’t know if it’s because my knees don’t feel right or I’m disappointed in how slowly I run. What I really have to do is just remember that Nike slogan and “Just Do It!” Like I’ve done over the last few runs is plot out a new course one where I get to run over the same roads, just in a different order! My time over the 3.6 mile course was about 10 minutes per mile for the first mile or two and then 11 minutes over the last two for an average of 10:30. Again I will repeat my mantra, I just need to build miles and maybe the speed will come around!Introducing PendragonThe soundtrack for the run was the Neo-progressive rock band Pendragon. I read after the run that Pendragon has been around since 1978 when four musician from  Stroud, Gloucestershire, England decided to form a rock band. They named the band, Zeus Pendragon. Band members included: Nick Barrett [guitar/vocals], Julian Baker [guitar/vocals], Nigel Harris [drums] and Stan Cox [bass]. The Zues part of the name was dropped when Julian decided it was far too long to fit across a t-shirt, Also the band decided that mixing Greek and Arthurian mythology was not a good idea.

After thirty-five years, nine studio albums, and six live albums along with many compilations and several EPs the band is still going strong. They just finished their Classic Pendragon Tour of Europe a tour that took the band from the UK to the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland and Poland! The two members of the band that have been around since 1978 are founder Nick Barret and bass player Peter Gee. The current lineup of the band includes:

PendragonNick Barrett – guitars, vocals (1978–present)
Peter Gee – bass (1978–present)
Clive Nolan – keyboards (1986–present)
Scott Higham – drums (2008–present)

The album that I listened to was a 2013 release titled Introducing Pendragon an interesting title for a band that’s been around for 30-plus years, but evidently it’s for people like me! On their website they describe the album as: A 2 CD compilation spanning the history of the band, a great way to introduce Pendragon to the uninitiated and newbies! And that’s just what it did and I do think that they have a new fan. Once again it is hard to really get into the finer points of the album when you heart-rate is above 155, and you are mostly trying to lower it and still keep running, but I did really enjoy the album I though Barret’s guitar work was great and as always I liked the keyboards. Clive Nolan sounded really fine throughout the album. I know that I will be searching out more Pendragon and probably will get some good recommendations from son Andrew!

So here’s the band performing ” Breaking the Spell” this kicked in at about the two-mile mark and carried me over almost the next mile!