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Afternoon Music – Edward finds violinist Lindsey Stirling – Who Knew? Everybody!

Lindsey stirling albumNot being attuned to what’s hot on Youtube or a fan of America’s Got Talent, I had never heard of Lindsey Stirling, until the other day. Her self-titled début album came up on MOG and I thought I download the album and give it a listen. Now I know why she was a youtube sensation, and has over a million followers on Facebook! Hell, she now even has her on iPhone app. Talk about being social media savvy! She is an amazing one of a kind artist! From her website biography she says this about her music:

“My musical style is a reflection of my personality,” Lindsey shares, “and through it I hope to share my belief that no one should be afraid to be themselves.” She adds “All my songs were created to depict specific themes that I pulled from my own life experiences. ‘Spontaneous Me’ is about having the courage to love yourself for who you are.”….


….Lindsey composes, choreographs, and directs all of her original music and videos — merging unique violin stylings and electronic dub-step beats with animated contemporary dance. Her wide array of videos are all available on her Lindseystomp YouTube channel, which rings in at over 2,000,000 subscribers — and has tallied nearly 3.5 million hits. (Viewership is enthusiastic: the ice-themed “Crystallize” at over 60 million; her snow-scaped “Skyrim” at 22 million; and the silhouette-performing “Shadows” at 23 million.) Full Biography


Lindsey StirlingAbout the song “Crystallize” on the album she writes:

“‘Crystallize,’ on the other hand, is a much deeper song: the crystallization of water is affected by its surroundings to create either beautiful patterns or meaningless masses. Similarly, I believe that through our thoughts, beliefs and the environments we create, we each possess the power to make a positive change within ourselves and others.”

Here’s the video for “crystallize” and I am only the 60,672,581 view of the video, so there’s a good chance that you’ve already seen the video! If not, I hope you enjoy it!! As I was watching and listening to this video, I was reminded of the work of another musician cellist Cris Derksen. Check out her music here