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Lunchtime Music from David & Steve Gordon!

Celestial ZenOften at work and, well, anywhere for that matter and I just need a little relaxing music, on goes the music of David & Steve Gordon usually, it’s the Garden of Serenity album and sometimes it’s Sacred Drum Visions. Today I tried their 2012 release Celestial Zen and it was a perfect fit for today as I worked in the soils lab! For those of you who do not know them., from Wikipedia

David and steve Gordon

David & Steve Gordon are a Billboard-charting New Age music and chillout music recording artist duo, record producers and founders of the independent label Sequoia Records.[1][2] Since their first album in 1982, they have recorded more than 25 albums ranging from traditional new age music and ambient meditative soundscapes to shamanic drumming with Native American flute, Celtic music and world music-influenced electronica. They are among the first artists to record relaxation music blended with sounds of nature.[3][4] The Gordon brothers have described their music as an expression of their interests in meditation, Eastern spirituality, and Western nature-based forms of spirituality.[4][5] A 2005 survey conducted by New Age Retailer magazine ranked David & Steve Gordon as the fourth most well known new age music artist among specialty retailers.[6] The Gordon brothers have also produced several compilations of downtempo recordings, including among others the Buddha-Lounge series, with six volumes released to date.[7]

As I look down their discography at I see there are many many more albums of theirs that I need to explore!! Here’s a little lunchtime music from David & Steve “Spirit Vision” from the album Earth Drum