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Morning Music from Ten Foot Polecats- Do That Thing!!

UndertowSo yesterday I listened to a blues band, whose name caught my eye on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart, the Ten Foot Polecats Their latest release Undertow debuted on the Chart at 49.I think it should have a bullet next to it!! I’ll write more later, but here’s what they say about their music on their website:

Their sound, though hard to define, has been referred to as “punk-blues”, “gutbucket soul”and “explosive stomp and groove”. This high-octane trio from Boston, MA has been touring the country for the past five years, taking their unique form of roots music (influenced by the sounds of the northern Mississippi hill country) to cafes, restaurants, record stores, rock clubs, theatres, festivals and back yard parties, and playing for anyone who will listen.

and some press!

A sound born of blood, sweat, heart, soul and guts; a sound, in the simplest of terms, that is a combination of dirty rock’n’roll and aggressive blues. Now, I’m not talking neo-blues here, or pseudo-blues, which tends to pass for real blues in some circles these days for lack of anything better, but rather a sound influenced by traditional North Mississippi Hill Country blues…thereby inserting Ten Foot Polecats into what I refer to as the last of today’s living bluesmen, such as T-Model Ford, Possessed by Paul James, C.W. Stoneking, Bob Log III, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, and Left Lane Cruiser, to name a few.
– James G. Carlson, The Philadelphia Examiner, No Depression Roots Community, and Tin Shack Music

and the first track to get us moving on this Monday morning! “Do That Thing”!!!