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2013 New Age: Impossible Truth – William Tyler

Impossible TruthSo I continued my exploration of the Echoes Top 25 Albums for April 2013 and stopped at Number 6 William Tyler’s album Impossible Truth Tyler is an accomplished young Nashville guitarist and this is a great, distinctive and original sounding album!! Today the music was just basically background music while I was working, but I am looking forward to listening and drifting maybe later tonight! From William’s website….

On Impossible Truth, his latest long player for Merge, William takes it further out than anyone has been ready to go. I’m not talking about choice of note; I’m talking about emotional devastation. He gallops as though in steeplechase and then creeps like purple dusk on the Cumberland. He steps lightly, he burns effigy, he comes on with the debt of an angel and we are all children of God. William will worry a phrase—some tangled chordal wormhole—until you are certain it’s all that exists, he’ll take you over the stiles, he’ll love you up and down and then he’ll make you cry for the world and what we’ve done to it. Willy T’s got the vampire blues. And there’s only one like him.I could lay in the far rolling fields of North Somerset and listen to Willy play all day long. What kind of world would that be for me? Better than the one ahead? So call it the Extermination Rag. The Glory Rag. March of the Jokers, you know? A hillbilly devotional with the lateness of dancers. I call it Impossible Truth –.MC Taylor, Durham, NC

So let’s go “Into the Night” a live performance of “The Geography of Nowhere” from Impossible Truth”