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2013 New Age – Stories from Elsewhere – Rhian Sheehan

Stories from ElsewhereSo this morning I was scouting out new New Age music at the Echoes website. I looked at the Top 25 albums for April and decided to give the album at Number 2 a listen, Stories From Elsewhere by Rhian Sheehan, It was a good choice! The album was labeled as Electronica/Dance at Mog, but I think the electronic part may be correct, but unless your dance is gently swaying, I don’t think it’s dance music! However, the quiet, beautiful music and environmental sounds was perfect to create a nice musical day at work. When I came home tonight, I went looking for information on Rhian Sheehan since I knew nothing about him. Here’s what I found at his website:

Rhian Sheehan is an award winning New Zealand based composer & producer of cinematic music who is known for his unique melding of experimental electronica with orchestral music and environmental sound recordings. Predominantly writing music for Film & Television, he has also released 5 albums to date. His debut album ‘Paradigm Shift’ (LOOP Recordings) is regarded as a landmark in New Zealand electronica, and his 2009 and 2011 albums “Standing in Silence” & “Seven Tales of The North Wind” are both regarded by many as archetypal amongst the post-rock ambient genre. Continue Reading

New Zealand,huh, New Age like Prog Rock is a world-wide genre! Here’s some press about Sheehan’s 2009 release Standing in Silence:

“This is Rhian’s breakthrough album, his grand cinematic excursion, overwhelming with crushingly beautiful yet daring emotion… Accomplished, evocative and sustained… the finest release I’ ve had the privilege to review this year.” – The Silent Ballet, USA

“A stunningly static, beautifully textured, listening experience… it devours and envelopes you. For fans of Sigur Ros or Boards of Canada.” NZ Herald

Many of these comments also apply to this album. It is certainly a beautifully textured listening experience. So check is out! As for me I’m listening to Standing in Silence tomorrow and um, then there’s Sigur ros and Boards of Canada!

Here are some live show snippets posted at his website on June 27, 2011…