FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Exploring the word “One” and some morning music from Tab Benoit!

power of the pontchartrainSo yesterday I was thinking about being ordinary. The first song wanted to listen to “Ordinary Town” from Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. So I scrolled down through the list of songs on the iPod until I got to it. Along the way, I must have passed thirty songs that had the word One in the title! So after listening to “Ordinary Town” I went back and listened for a while to those “One” songs. Here’s the play list!

“The One” – Cabinet – a bluegrass, Americana band that I don’t listen to enough!

“One” – Dreamscape – some Prog Rock from Munich!

“The One” – The Moody Blues – Strange Times an album that Nick had and told me to listen to – good stuff!

“One-Armed Bandit” – Jaga Jazzist – Jazz/Rock fusion from Norway – good stuff and a little distracting when the music is traveling from one ear to the other

“One-Eyed Jack” – Nick Moss and the Fliptops – some blues from the great Nick Moss

“One Bourbon, Once Scotch, One Beer” – John Lee Hooker – A classic!

“One Chance” – Chris Berardo – one I heard this I had to check who it was because I hear it so rarely – note to self listen to more Chris Berardo!

“One Click Away” – The Imperial Rooster – this album never really caught my attention!

“One Cold Street” – Iain Matthews and Elliot Murphy – another rarely played but good album”

“One Crow Murder” – Ben Prestage – some different sound but great blues!

“One Day” – Arlene Kole – another rarely played album but a nice song!

“One Day” – Batdorf and Rodney – for me a classic and an all time favorite song!

“One Day” – Carey and Lurie Bell – some more good blues from a master harp player and his son!

“One Day I Walk” – Tom Rush (video) Tom Rush’s cover of a great Bruce Cockburn song. The video is Bruce’s song and images of homeless and those who help them!

“One Dime Bells” – Etta Baker – a song from Hills of Home – some old-time music!

“One Foot in the Bayou” – Tab Benoit – some good blues from Power of the Pontchartrain by the bayou master!

“One for Every Moment” – CPR (video) a great song from CPR – Crosby, Pevar and Raymond! Father and son united great harmonies! But then what do you expect from David Crosby!

Seventeen songs and I am only up to One with E in the title!! I’ll have to listen to the rest another day – for now here’s some morning music from Tab Benoit and that “One Foot in the Bayou”!