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Life’s Soundtrack – RPWL and Todd Snider!

TAWKI-cover-300Ok so yesterday we had a family gathering to celebrate Easter and Andrew’s 31 birthday, which is today. Anyway about midway through the day, Andrew went upstairs and came down with three albums by RPWL which I mentioned in the other days post about Blind Ego! So on the way down to the job site at milepost 53.9 on the Garden State Parkway, I listened to a mix of RPWL and enjoyed their music. I’ll write more after I’ve listened to the albums a few more times.

On the way back, I had a mix of my entire library on and a Todd Snider song came on from his album of Jerry Jeff cover’s Time as We Know It, the “Continuing Saga of the Classic Bummer Or Is This My One Way Bus Ticket to Cleveland” and I began to sing along…. now that’s what I miss when I listen to ProgRock it not really  sing along type music….anyway here’s what Todd says about the album

“I’ve always hoped I’d stay around long enough to get to make a record of Jerry Jeff Walker songs,” Snider says. “He’s the guy I saw at 19 and decided to try to be like. His are the first songs I learned.”

So I spent the ride home singing everything from “Vince Triple-O Martin”, to “Pissin’ in the Wind”. with “Mr. Bojangles”, “Little Bird” and this one “Sangria Wine” thrown in the mix….. seems like everyone’s having a good time singing along with this one!!

I bet even Andrew’s wife Meaghan would sing along with this one! Hell, it mentions WINE and she says she does love her wine!!