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Life’s Soundtrack – ARZ’s Turn of the Tide makes the miles go by!

Turn of the TideWow, two runs in three days! A first for 2013! Tonight I decided that the run would be 4 miles, but I didn’t want it to a run that I usually do, because then I start comparing my times now, with past runs and start thinking, I am old and slow! Anyway, I laid out a 4 mile course slightly different then normal – hey how much can I change it up in a one square mile town!! While it wasn’t the easiest four mile run ever, it really wasn’t, too bad considering how little I’ve run this winter. The pace was just slightly over 10 minutes per mile, which I’ll take at this point in time!

The soundtrack for the run was provided by a Prog Rock Band that I heard this morning on MOG! I was listening to Dave Kulju’s album Notes in the Margin, when  unbeknown to me the album ended and I was now listening to MOG radio with artist similar to Kulju. When I looked to see what was playing I saw that the track was from a band named ARZ and an album titled Turn of the Tide. So tonight I loaded that album on the iPhone and made it the soundtrack of my run. ARZ is a two man band from (drum roll please) Portland, Oregon. I’ll be darn, from right here in the USA! From their biography section of their website:


ARZ is the moniker for the two man progressive rock: guitarist/singer Steve Adams and drummer Merrill Hale. The two Portland, OR area musicians met and cemented their relationship while they were members of the local Yes tribute act, All Good People (AGP). ARZ had previously been Adams’s one man instrumental tour de force (playing all guitars, bass and programmed drums) and releasing four solo CD’s, two from 2005 Serai and The Magi, and The Last Kingdom and Solomon’s Key from 2007. These recordings present the guitarist’s wide ranging influences from classical to hard rock and metal, with an emphasis on unison riffing and balanced songwriting and arrangements. Complete biography

Once again it’s the type of music that I can lose myself in during a run. After the run and knowing that I enjoyed the music I went to to check out what folks in the know think! Turn of the Tide received a 4.14 rating and 52% of the reviews said it was an excellent addition to any Prog Rock music collection, and I know it’s a welcome addition to my humble Prog Rock collection!

Here’s a track from Turn of the Tide “My Friend”