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2013 Music – The Lonesome Traveler – Jarrod Dickenson

The Lonesome TravelerMany Folk and Americana singer-songwriters make the trek from the northeast to Austin Texas, the Americana music Mecca, to establish their music career. Case in point, former resident of Maine, Slaid Cleaves. Well, at least one current Texas native has made the reverse trip, Jarrod Dickenson as who now calls New York City home.  This week while I was browsing the March 2013, Euro-Americana Chart I spotted Dickenson’s album The Lonesome Traveler  at number 20 on the chart. I went to MOG put on the album listened to the first track “Ain’t Waiting Any Longer” and said to myself, this is pretty good, Then the haunting lyrics of “The Northern Sea” caught my attention and I thought this is REALLY good. Dickenson followed those songs with “No Work for the Working Man” and then “Rosalie”, and I was a fan!! From John Davy at Flyinshoes Review:

Jarrod Dickenson

Young Texan songwriter Jarrod Dickenson started out early on his chosen path, releasing his first album whilst still studying at the University of Texas. Since then he’s embraced the life of the roving troubadour, released a live album, stayed in Nashville (and moved on again) and currently lives in Brooklyn. This second studio album was not recorded on the east coast, however. Instead, Jarrod went in pursuit of his chosen producer and wound up spending ten days in LA, recording with Ryan Freeland. With some top notch musicians to call on for assistance (including the impeccable multi-instrumentalist, Greg Leisz, upright bass player David Piltch and keyboardist Jebin Bruni) Freeland has done a wonderful job of giving breadth and depth to Dickenson’s songs. They’re good songs in the first place but with a production as good as this they’re punching way above their weight. Continue Reading


Jarrod is a previous winner of the Grand Prize at the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Competition,  certainly is well on his way to mastering his craft with this collection of songs that would have made Towns proud! Some folks compare Dickenson to a young Tom Waits or Iron & Wines Sam Beam. His music reminds me of Greg Trooper, who also happens to live in the New York Area.(?)  Others can certainly describe the album better and tell you more about the album than me, from Chordblossom (UK)

The album has a couple of country romps in ‘Ain’t Waiting Any Longer’ and the brilliant ‘Little Black Dress’ which boasts some great guitar and keyboard riffing throughout. ‘Ain’t Waiting Any Longer’ is as close to a typical upbeat country tune as Dickenson gets. And while ‘Little Black Dress’ might not have the delicate lyrics of the quieter tracks, its upbeat country blues and flirtatious theme makes it an immediate stand-out on the album. The majority of the album however is a much more intimate affair such as ‘I Remember June’ or the album’s closer ‘Seasons Change’, written about his ageing grandfather. It is the only song on which Dickenson plays unaccompanied, proving Dickenson’s awareness – the listener is left to focus on Dickenson’s beautiful guitar lines and melancholic but reassuring lyrics. The heart and soul of the album are crafted songs such as ‘The Northern Sea’, inspired by John Steinbeck’s The Winter of Our Discontent. The well-worn topic of coming home to one’s sweetheart is handled on ‘Rosalie’ with the sincerity of a man with experience. The themes are classic but sung by a man with a clear appreciation. Full Post

Aaron Cunningham in the above Chordblossom post list “The Northern Sea” as the standout track and it was the first song to catch my attention so let’s go “Into the Night” with a live performance of the song….. but then go check out “Rosalie”, and…… all the rest of the songs!!