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Today in Music – Birthdays for Johnny Cash and Paul Cotton!

So on this day two music legends were born. On this date in 1932 Johnny Cash was born and then in 1943 Paul Cotton of Poco was born, well maybe one legend was born and one great musician! anyway both had impacts on my musical listening. Of course Johnny Cash had the greater impact! n Through the years starting with songs like “Ring of Fire”,  “Jackson” and hell you know them all, through the TV show and the albums from San Quinton and Folsom Prisons, Cash blazed a trail many country rock musicians followed, he was their Beatles! The success that he found with the last albums he produced before he died prove that his appeal spanned generations and genres! He was the man!  For me after Cash came artists a love for artists like, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and many more!

Paul Cotton was chosen to replace Jimmy Messina, when he left Poco, by Jim Messina. He joined Poco on their fourth album From the Inside and remained with the band until a contract dispute in 2010. He has gone on to record as a solo artist. Rusty Young is the only remaining original member of Poco. The band release a new album All Fired Up this month. I haven’t heard it yet and don’t know what to expect!

So here are Johnny and June performing “Jackson” on The Ralph Emery Show in 1967! Happy Birthday, Johnny and PAul!

and here’s Paul Cotton performing “Bad Weather” solo in 2010, always a staple of Poco’s later shows that we’ve gone to!