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“Into the Night” with the Slide Guitar of Dave Hole!

So after listening to The Slide Brothers, I started thinking about other artist who play slide guitar and the first one that jumped into my head was Australian blues artist, Dave Hole! So this afternoon I listen to his most recent release Rough Diamond, which was released way back in 2007! From his website:

 The latest release from Dave Hole is called “ROUGH DIAMOND”. It follows on from his very successful live release (“The Live One”) and is his first studio album in 5 years. It’s released on the Blind Pig label in the USA, Dixie Frog Records in Europe and Black Cat (through Only Blues Music) in Australia.

Featuring 11 powerful new recordings, “ROUGH DIAMOND” presents a satisfying blend of fresh Hole originals with arrangements of songs from other composers that Dave has long aspired to record. In each case his inimitable soaring slide guitar style is well to the fore but the authoritative treatments here reveal a fresh artistic maturity and confidence. From the slow burning “Yours For A Song” to the white hot intensity of “White Trash Girl”, Hole’s guitar is as astounding as ever and yet at no stage does it threaten to overwhelm – always serving to enhance the song itself. Not to say that there aren’t some guitar pyrotechnics here. There are times when that is exactly what is called for and Dave steps up to deliver the intensity and excitement for which he is justly renowned

Dave is absolutely on of the best, but don’t just trust me here’s what some others say:

“Slide guitar fanatics will have their brains blown out by the second astonishing album by this Australian fret-melter.
……just take in the eight brilliantly sustained minutes of ‘Up All Night Thinking’ and prepare to hear your jaw hitting the floor.”

“ Elmore James probably would be surprised to find out that someday the world’s best slide guitar player would hail not from Chicago but from Perth, Australia. The guitarist in question would be, for those who haven’t been paying attention, Dave Hole. If he’s from the hood it’s a long way from any you or I have ever heard of – but the man can make is axe sing, cry, weep and wail, which is all that matters.”

So check him out!!

So let’s go “Into the Night” with some vintage Dave Hole: