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A Good Trip to Sheppard’s Milll Pond Dam – Music by Chris Belleau and The Slide Brothers!

So when I started writing this blog I read that it was good to blog on a regular basis so that people knew what to expect. Well, I took that a step further and would blog about certain music on a certain day. Monday was Folk, Tuesday Twangy, Americana or Bluegrass, Wednesday was the blues and Thursday Jazz, the rest of the week was open for anything, So it’s only fitting that today, being a Wednesday I listened to some blues on my way down to Sheppards Mill Pond, in Greenwich, NJ (pronounced “Green Witch” by the natives). Today was one of those nice days when there was not a lot of tramping through the woods, I was working on wetlands around a dam that we’re doing a repair on now for all you non- South Jersey people here’s what most places in the southern part of the state look like once you get away from the urban areas!

There is an outfall pipe on the west end of the dam and a little stream flows south from the dam. Not far from the dam and there was the cool little waterfall in the stream!

Anyway back to the music, which I was saying was some blues, first from Chris Belleau and his latest release Knee Deep in the Blues and then Robert Randolph Presents The Slide Brothers. Currently, Chris Belleau’s album is at number 32 and The Slide Brothers are at number 10 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart.

 Knee Deep in the Blues features Chris Belleau on vocals, harmonica and cajun accordian. It includes the legendary Texas style Vox organ and piano work of Augie Meyers (Sir Douglas Quntet, Texas Tornado’s) and a host Louisiana Music Stars such as Joe Osborn, Jon Smith, Chris Leblanc, Jim Odom, David Hyde, Bryan Brignac, Bobby Campo, Al Courouleau and Margaret Marston. Some are original songs penned by Chris Belleau, David Egan and Al Courouleau as well as a few time honored evergreens by Guitar Slim, Doug Sahm, and Slim Harpo.

This is real wooden floor dance hall music played by real musicians on real instruments. If you like music played by computers and drum machines its not for you. Nothing personal if you do…it’s OK, but this ain’t it. This is the stuff you might hear in a roadhouse club out in the middle of Louisiana or Texas with neon lights out front, lots of pick up trucks, plenty of dancing and maybe a fight or two. At the end of the night the band packs up and goes home while a few drunks are still trying to get another song or two out of them.
This is what we play, this is what we do. No apologies. Hope you dig it.

Ok so ya’ll know (see Belleau is from the south) that I have a thing for harmonica some when I heard the first track on this album and the harp, I knew I’d like it and I was right the tracks just kept getting better and better and ends with a great cover of Wooly Bully! The album is steeped in the music of the Louisiana Bayou and just keeps your feet a tappin’, so check it out!

Now let’s go “into the Night” with a taste of the first track from the album “Let It Go” and I will go and run some errands and be back to write about The Slide Brothers later! If I can keep myself awake!