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“Into the Morning” with Blues from The Suitcase Brothers!

So finishing second at the International Blues Challenge in the Solo/Duo Category were brothers Pere and Victor Puertas who together form The Suitcase Brothers. They represented the Barcelona Blues Society and boy can they play the blues. I listened tonight to their first album Living with the Blues and I am in awe of Victor’s harp playing! Here’s some information about the brothers from their Myspace page:

THE SUITCASE BROTHERS is a dynamic country blues duo formed by two brothers: Pere Puertas, guitar and vocals, and Victor Puertas, harmonica, piano and vocals.

Pere was born on W.C Handy’s birthday (November 16th) and Victor was born on Sonny Terry’s birthday (October 24th), so it looks as if these two brothers have been predestined to dedicate their talent to the blues.


PERE PUERTAS, the elder brother, got his first guitar at the age of 12 although he didn’t pay much attention to it until high school. He formed his first band in the mid 90’s, and soon invited his 14 years old brother to play harmonica with his band. Two years later Victor was playing all Gary Primich songs and solos on harmonica.


Pere has a powerful and soulful voice, and a deep knowledge of fingerpicking guitar techniques, particularly the Pre-War and Piedmont Blues styles. His main inspiration comes basically from recordings by Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Paul Rishell and Annie Raines and John Cephas with Phil Wiggins.


VÍCTOR PUERTAS, is a powerful harmonica player, who also plays piano, Hammond organ and guitar. Nevertheless, harmonicas are his love at the first feel, and he plays them with deep emotion and sensibility. He is one of the top five favourites in Jerry Portnoy’s, Annie Raines and Joe Filisko’s list.


“Thick resonant tone, perfect attack, lovely vibrato and a beautiful flow of ideas that are just right for the song you’re playing. You’ve really got it and, by the way, your brother plays great guitar too.” Jerry Portnoy

So let’s go “Into the Morning” with The Suitcase Brothers and the classic – “Walk On”

I was right to be amazed wasn’t I!