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He’s Just Sayin’ – Andrew’s 2012 Prog Rock Favorites

Ok so now you’ll have it from a ProgRock expert and not someone who’s still learning about the genre! Here’s an abbreviated list of some of his favorite albums of 2012. This post is cross-posted from  his blog I’m Just Sayin’…

I have kind of let my blog slide a bit, so I wanted to kick 2013 off with a list of some of my favorite albums from 2012.  I’m a little behind with new releases this year, but I wanted to share some of the albums that have stuck with me throughout the year.  Hope you enjoy!

Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part 1

This album may very well be my favorite of the year.  It sounds to me like it could be a follow up to Genesis’s Selling England By The Pound.  The album has a very English feel to me, full of great melodies.  I enjoyed their previous album The Underfall Year but it really didn’t click with me like this one did.

Beyond The BridgeThe Old Man And The Spirit

I believe in one of my few posts over the past year I mentioned this album, it is probably my favorite progressive metal album in a long time.  It’s big, bombastic, full of amazing vocals and musicianship.  It has everything that I love.

The Night Flight Orchestra – Internal Affairs

This is just a fun, fun album.  Formed by the singer from Soilwork and bass player from Arch Enemy, one would expect a heavy album, and that couldn’t be further from what this is, a straight up classic 70’s rock album with some of the catchiest melodies I have heard in a while.

Thank You Scientist – Maps Of Non-Existent Places

This album literally has everything jazz, funk, prog, metal, alternative, horns & strings.  It’s just everything thrown together, but it works and it works extremely well.  This album got a lot of play by me throughout the summer..

Jess And The Ancient OnesJess And The Ancient Ones

This is a more recent addition, but it catapulted to one of my favorites of the year very quickly.  Very retro sounding, great female vocals, songs about satan, how can you go wrong.

That’s 5 for now, I’ll post a few more in the coming days.  Hope you check some of these out and maybe find something new to enjoy!