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Lunchtime Music – Joe Louis Walker – Hellfire

Ok, so the first time I listened to Joe Louis Walker , I really wasn’t that impressed. I even forget the first album I listened to, but the other night I listened to the first few tracks of his latest album Hellfire and I knew that this one was going on the iPod! Not only that but I think it’s one of my favorite blues albums of the YEAR! Evidently the Blues Music Association agrees and has nominated Walker in four categories! They include: B.B King Entertainer Of The Year, Contemporary Blues Album, Contemporary Blues Male Artist and Gibson Guitar and I think the nominations are well deserved. Here’s some other press from his website:

Hellfire displays influences form both the classic blues community and the psychedelic rock scene. …loud Hendrixianvirtuosity here, “Exile On Main Street”-era Stones there. Delightful, down and dirty blues. –Los Angeles Daily News


One of the strongest albums in Walker’s canon. Hellfire blows all over the map…gutbucket blues, joyous gospel, Rolling Stones-style rock crunch, and aching R&B. Walker’s guitar playing is fine and fierce. Hellfire is a heavenly showcase for Walker’s unduly underappreciated virtues.

And I couldn’t agree more! Here’s some lunchtime music from the album. The title track “Hellfire”!