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Musical Roots – Poco’s First Gig and George Grantham’s Birthday!

So on November 18, 1968 a 2o year old drummer George Grantham made his drumming début at the Troubadour as part of a six man band that included folk-rock veterans Randy Meisner, Richie Furay,Jim Messina, Chris Hillman and Rusty Young. Furay, Messina and Young had been members of Buffalo Springfield, Young was initially hired as a road manager for the band, but when the band was looking for a steel guitar player for Furay’s song “Kind Woman” Young was selected! Chris Hillman was a founding member of The Byrds. When Meisner left after the first album he was replaced by my wife’s crush Timothy B. Schmidt. Meisner went on the work with Rick Nelson as part of the Stone Canyon Band and became a founding member of The Eagles. When the bassist Meisner left The Eagles in in 1977 after the Hotel California tour, Meisner was replaced by the bass player who replaced him in Poco – Timothy B. Schmidt. But when George Grantham and his band-mates took the stage at the Troubadour that night they performed under the name of Pogo, which they quickly changed to Poco, when the creator of the cartoon character Pogo Walter Kelly threatened to sue!!

Ok, so why am I telling you this today, well that’s because on today’s date in 1947 George Grantham was born!!  Grantham first teamed with Rusty Young as members of a Denver-based psychedelic rock act Boenzee Cryque, when Poco was being formed, Young called on his friend to join the band. Grantham has played with the Poco on an off since then leaving in 1977 only to rejoin in 1985 and stay until 1990. He rejoined the band in 2000 and stayed with the band until 2002 when he suffered a debilitating stroke. He was able to join the band in 2009 for some reunion shows and was able to provide some vocals!

So here’s some morning music from a reunited Poco, the song in the words of Richie Furay, first brought Richie, Jimmy and Rust together in 1968 – “Kind Woman” Still sounds god to me!!