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Armik – Beautiful Flamenco Guitar….


2015 Update: This afternoon I was listening to One World the new album from Jesse Cook. Listening brought, thoughts about the flamenco guitar of Armik. So I went to Spotify where I discovered that Armik has released a new album titled Romantic Spanish Guitar Vol. 2. Sound s good to me!  I first discovered the music of Armik back in 2010 and since then I occasionally listen to his awesome work! The following is a post I wrote back in 2012 when he released the album Reflections. The new album is playing as I write this and it, like its predecessors is really good. I’ll write more about it soon!! But for now let’s go “into the afternoon” with the guitar of Armik

“Into the Night” – with the Flamenco guitar of Armik!

ArmikSo the day before yesterday, I was listening to straight acoustic guitar, some with a folk leanings. But yesterday I changed it up slightly, and move to Nuevo Flamenco and the guitar stylings of Armik! I saw earlier in the day, that Armik had released a new album titled Reflections and having enjoyed some of his earlier releases, I knew I would like this one! I really enjoy the genre,  two of my favorites are Jesse Cook and Ottmar Liebert. I can always count on Jesse Cook’s album Gravity to calm me down and put me in a good mood!

I first discovered Armik’s music back in 2010 and had listened and enjoyed his allbum Besos.  Here’s some background information on Armik from Wikipedia:

 Armik was born in Iran of Armenian descent. When he was just seven years old, he pawned his watch for a classical guitar, which he hid and practiced in his basement. At 12, he was a professional recording artist.  While his early career focused mostly on jazz, Armik discovered the beauty and passion of flamenco while visiting Spain during the 1970s, where he saw Paco de Lucia perform.

Launching his solo career in 1994, Armik drew upon his jazz and flamenco influences to create a twist on the emerging Nuevo Flamenco sound. As a guitarist, he is one of the most adulated virtuosos of the Nuevo Flamenco genre, having appeared in Billboard Magazine’s Top Ten New Age Artists in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008.

You can read more about his latest release Reflections at the music section of his website. So, let’s go “Into the Night” with a sampling of songs from that new album!!