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New Music – Old Friend – Neil Young – Psychedelic Pill!

So I go way back with Neil Young , almost to the beginning of his solo career. The first Neil Young album I bought was his second solo album Everybody Knows This is Nowhere  along with everyone else I loved the album. Yes “Cowgirl in the Sand” and “Down By the River” got a lot of play! But as per usual, as soon as everyone else climbed on the Neil Young bandwagon., Edward climbed off, and over the years the songs I’ve heard have all been from the radio. I haven’t bought or really listened to a full Neil Young album in, well a couple decades or so, that was until yesterday, when I saw that he had released a new studio album with Crazy Horse, the first in about a decade, titled Psychedelic Pill. So I qued it up on Mog and gave it a listen and maybe just maybe I’ll climb back on the bandwagon!

The songs were vintage Neil Young and I really liked it, of course I had to keep checking every 10 minutes or so to see if the first song “Driftin’ Back” was still playing,  the song clocks in at just under 30 minutes!! I don’t think I actually got through the whole album, so I’ll probably put it on the iPod for further listening tomorrow. But for now let’s go “Into the Morning” ,with so far, my favorite song “Twisted Road!