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Rob Baird – I Swear It’s The Truth

So yesterday I listened to Rob Baird’s sophomore release I Swear It’s True. I saw the album on the Euro-Americana Chart, where it sits at No. 9. The only thing I can say is that I’m mad at myself for not discovering this album back in June when it was released, because if I had found it then I would have had five more months to have enjoyed it!!

Baird, a Texas native and current resident of Texas Country Music’s Mecca, Austin, has crafted a top notch album full of great songs about life, losing love, finding love and well just living! His a terrific songwriter and the proof is in this album.  The album was produced by long-time member of Hayes Carll band member Skip Davis. Along with Baird’s great songwriting the music on the album is great too! Davis assembled a great band for the album including: (From Baird’s website)

In addition to Baird (guitar) and Davis (guitar, banjo, piano, and organ), the album features guitarist Keith Gattis; Carll’s rhythm section of drummer Kenny Smith and bassist Cody Foote; pedal steel and dobro players Ricky Ray Jackson and Ben Kitterman; and background vocal support from Kelly Mickwee of the Trishas and Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist of the Band of Heathens. Near the end of the sessions in January, guitarist Woodrow Morgan and drummer Nate Coon from Baird’s road band came in to play on one of the pedal-steel laced “Same Damn Thing.”

While the opening track “Dreams and Gasoline” caught my attention and was the reason that I listened to the rest of the album, ny favorite track is “Same Damn Thing”. Here’s what Baird has to say about the song:

 “That’s actually my favorite song on the record, I think,” says Baird of “Same Damn Thing,” one of several he collaborated on with co-writer Rick Brantley. “It describes pretty much how you feel every time you play, no matter if it’s a good show or a bad show. By the time that you’re walking out of the bar at 3 in the morning, you’re like, ‘Dude … everything’s good, but what an interesting life this is.’”

So check him out and let’s go Into the Night with a nice acoustic version of “same Damn Thing”

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