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Life’s Soundtrack: A Great Run with a Great Soundtrack from Halestorm!

So the owner of the company that I work has started running, and over the last few weeks we have compared our four mile times. Both of our times have gone down over those weeks. At the end of last week I was feeling good, I came close to breaking 38 minutes over four miles, when I told him, he said “I beat you 37:25!”  Of course he concedes that his running may be a little easier because it’s on the treadmill under perfect conditions! Anyway his times have spurred me on and today I ran one of the fastest times over one of my toughest courses. I hit the first mile in 9:17 and held that pace throughout the run, including the climb up Pancoast! I crossed my four mile point in 36:51, and finished the entire 4.2 mile run in 39:09! Looking back through my workouts it’s probably the fastest I’ve run over that course in the last two years!!  The good thing is that I feel good after the run!

Now I may have to give part of the credit to the soundtrack of the run, the  latest album from Halestorm . Yes, you read that right Halestorm, the Pennsylvania band fronted by Izzy Hale, that has toured steadily of  the last two years, after the release of their self-titled début album, and sharing the stage with such diverse acts as acts as Shinedown, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Megadeth, Papa Roach, Godsmack and countless others that aren’t in my music library!!  Anyway for some reason the other day I decided maybe I should try some new rock music, I have heard the name Halestorm thrown around particularly  by my wife so I took the plunge and went to MOG and listened to the band’s latest album  The Strange Case of….  and well I enjoyed it, I like  Lizzy’s voice, the music’s great and the songs have a beat that’s good for running and today’s run proved it…. the opening track “Love Bites (So Do I) got me off and running, and the music and I never let up.. right through “Freak Like Me’, “Rock Show”, “Daughter’s of Darkness” (a favorite) and “You call Me a Bitch Like it’s a
Bad Thing” Izzy’s lyrics kept my mind occupied while my feet did the rest….. So check them out! As for me, I guess I have their début album to check out, and a lot of  music from other new rock bands!!

Here’s the song that got me started over the first half mile or so, it was my fastest first quarter-mile in a long while, but then, maybe I should change the order of the songs and have this one set to start as I head up Pancoast! Nah! Anyway here’s the official video for “Love Bites (So Do I)”