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New Blues – Dave Fields – Detonation!

I discovered Dave Fields’ music over two years ago, I know I enjoyed his 2007 release Time’s a Wastin’ and wrote a review. Well today  I listened to his latest release Detonation, which debuted at #8 on The Roots Music Report’s  Blues Top 50, and all I can say is wow, I’m a fan and totally agree with G.W. Hill

This thing really rocks. Dave Fields is a bluesy rocker, to nail him in a short description, but he’s a lot more, too. There’s some psychedelia along with hard classic rock like Hendrix and Deep Purple. However you describe the mix of sounds, though, this is a killer disc that’s likely to make my best of 2012 list.  – G. W. Hill 

Fields calls New York home and was  inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame back in May of this year. You can read his bio. at his Myspace page,. From LA Beat:

One of the things I tell myself when I wake up in the morning is ‘What exciting things can I do today? What exciting music can I hear today? What exciting music can I write today?’ It’s innately in my character to constantly challenge myself that way.”-Dave Fields

Some artists are said to have music in their blood, while others are said to have music in their genes. In the case of guitarist/composer/arranger/producer Dave Fields he can honestly be said to possess both…

Your new album has been described as a “definite nod towards Fields’ two major influences: Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.” Would you say that is an accurate assessment?

Of course! I admit it. This CD is kind of…I reveal my ‘inner Hendrix’ for lack of a better term. Jimi Hendrix was my…one of my biggest guitar influences from the moment I heard him play. Still today, when I listen to Jimi’s music I discover little things about it, especially in the heart; the way I hear it as a kid.

Jimi was such a spiritual person. This may sound nuts, but at times when I play, I feel like he is talking to me! He tells me: “Don’t emulate me. Be yourself!” I don’t wanna play like Jimi Hendrix, but he just inspires me and so many people. I have friends who knew him, and they say he was just the most gentle, loving soul!

Jeff Beck to me: WOW! He just gets better; as he gets older he gets better. One day I gotta meet him! I’ve seen him on the street in New York, just walking down the street. I just wanna walk up to him and say “Excuse me Mr. Beck…”

You should! (Laughs) I should, the next time I see him! I hear that he’s a really shy guy, but I’d just like…the guy is a GENIUS! There’s so many great guitar players who are geniuses, but I feel like in some ways our careers have traveled in parallel paths. It’s weird. I heard an interview with him, and he listened to a lot of the same things I’ve listened to and I can hear it. He experiments with guitar the same way I do. So there is something in his soul that’s similar to mine…or mine like his, as I should say. We’re kindred spirits, and we don’t even know each other!

Full Article:  ‘Detonation’ of the Blues:an Interview with Dave Fields Part 1

So check out Detonation, I know it’s going to get played a lot on my iPod and will probably be on my list of Best Blues Albums of 2012!

Here’s Dave with the opening track from Detonation “Addicted to Your Fire”