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Life’s Soundtrack – a strong 10K training run with music from Chris Knight

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So today I wanted to up the mileage on my long run for the week, I decided that would go 6 miles. I didn’t want any hills so I made a new course around Riverside and Delran. I wanted it to be 6 miles but when I got to the 6 mile mark, I still needed to go a little way to get back home, and the course actually measured (by Runners World mapping) 6.2 miles, which was good because then it was a 10K! I took off with the idea that it was going to be a slow steady run and that’s what it turned out to be the total time was 61:34 which breaks down to a 9:54 pace. I’m happy with the pace and the fact that my max heart rate was around 150! Throughout most of the run my heart rate was 148 or lower! Maybe it was the music!

 The soundtrack for the run was the new release from one of my favorite artists Chris Knight.  Little Victories is a typical album from Chris, which means that it’s full of grisly songs about people who live on the edge and yet somehow survive and stay strong. Hell, the album opens with the following lines from “In The Meantime”


Sometimes I wonder were my next dollar’s gonna’ come from,
keep my head up something falls outta’ the sky,
 Daddy taught me how to use my bootstraps and carry on,
God’ll be good to you son if you try. 

From Craig Shelburne at CMT Edge:

 Chris Knight may not write the most cheerful songs, yet you can hear a streak of optimism on his latest album, Little Victories.

“Yeah, you got to look for it, I guess, but it is not a depressing, pessimistic record,” he says. “It’s kind of like all my other records. It’s about carrying on through good and bad times. You lay down, and that’s when things go bad.” continue reading

I was surprised when I heard the title track “Little Victories” and heard one of Chris and my heroes John Prine sing the second verse and then harmonize on the chorus. It must’ve been a thrill for Chris! So if you’ve never listened to Chris Knight, check him out, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s Chris performing one of the best tracks on the album “Nothin’ On Me” awesome lyrics! I love the verse about his dog Jake!

I’ve rode hard luck, I’ve been bruised and bucked
I’ve been hittin’ the ground and turnin’ around and gettin’ back up and now they’re laying ‘em off down at Kankakee
and there’s boards on the windows up and down the street
and they’re saying that it’s gonna get darker before the dawn
but you can bet your ass I’ll keep the lights on
keep my babies fed and throw my dog a bone
cuz I’m a bring it on git ‘er done don’t run SOB
times are tough, but they ain’t got nothin’ on me”