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Life’s Soundtrack – A Good Run and a Mix of New Music with the Latest from Curb Lund!

It was a another nice night for a run, I figured I would go for a nice easy four mile run. When I took off I felt pretty good, so I decided to push it as much as I could without overdoing it. When I hit the first mile in 9:47, I was kinda bummed, but then I held that pace through two miles. Throughout the third mile I knew I was hitting points where I usually check my time, faster than I have been, and then I made the third mile at 29:12 and I thought maybe I could make four miles in under 39 minutes! That didn’t happen, but I did end in 39 flat, which was almost a minute faster than the last time I ran that course!! The best thing was through most of the run my heart rate was under 150 and I had a pretty good kick left (for an old man) at the end of the run! So I am very encouraged and almost feel like a runner again! The sound track for the run was a mix of recently ended tracks and included:

1. “Honey Bee” – Peter Green Splinter Group – Blues Don’t Change – I like the guitar, etc. But I’m not in love with the vocals, maybe they will grow on me!

2. “The Gothest Girl I Can” – Corb Lund –Cabin Fever – I haven’t listen fully to this album yet, maybe tomorrow.

3. “That’s How I Got To Memphis” – Jack Saunders – A Real Good Place to Start a good song with a Greg Trooper vibe, and that’s a good thing!

4. “Lullaby” – Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas – Leonard’s latest, I don’t know if the old guy still has it!

5. “The First Rebreather” – Big Big Train – English Electric – but these guys do and I like them more, the more I listen to this album.

6. “Someone, Somewhere” – Rick Estrin and the Nightcats – Twisted – some rocking blues!

7 ” Honest I Do” – Peter Green Splinter Group – Blues Don’t Change – he’s growing on me a little more

8. “A Hand in Love” – Joanne Shaw Taylor – Almost Always Never – a good blues ballad!

9. “500 Miles” – Albert Cummings – No Regrets – a good song for that last half mile or so!

10. “Hedgerow” – Big Big Train – English Electric – and a nice one for ending and cooling down!

Here’s Corb Lund with “Gettin’ Down on the Mountain” from Cabin Fever 

From the new album, ‘Cabin Fever’ in stores & online worldwide August 14, 2012 via New West Records.

“We shot this one just before the snow melt in northern Alberta. Something me and my buddy Fish came up with. You likely won’t see it on TV because is has ‘shit’ over and over in the choruses. And the beard is real, in answer to numerous inquiries. Directed and shot by Fish Griwkowsky and edited by Justin Lachance.” – Corb Lund