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A Good Run – No Tunes – Some Reads and Music from Joanne Shaw Taylor!

So today was another nice day for a run. Initially, I thought, ok let’s go for like five miles, then I thought every time I have run three days in a week, after not having run three times in a week, and had my third run be longer, I’ve ended up hurt!  So as I started out today and felt pretty good I said, you know I’d rather run four and a quarter miles and feel good at the end, than run five and feel bad! So I went for the four and a quarter!  I ended up with my fastest time over the course I ran since May and overall my pace was 9:44 per mile, well below what I’ve run lately and I feel good! So there is improvement and maybe next week I can add in that long run!  The only bad thing about today’s run was that I couldn’t find the iPod, so I ran the old way listening to my breathing, hum, maybe that works better! Nah!

When I came back I was browsing Crooks and Liars and I saw this post about Jon Huntsman! Way to go Jon! Jon Huntsman Criticizes Romney Response to Libya Protests 

Then I read this post at Addicting Info. The post p a more complete account of Hillary’s comments during the crisis : Hillary Speaks Out With Dignity And Strength On Faith And Violence

The US walks a fine line – we cannot condone a film made of hatred for any religion and we can not accept the violence in response and in her remarks, Hillary Clinton did just that, unlike the responses from Mr. Romney!

Now the soundtrack for the run, was going to be the new album from Joanne Shaw Taylor  Almost Always Never,  but like I said I couldn’t find the iPod. Anyway here’s a little music from this British Blueswoman!