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After the Vet, a good run – Soundtrack provided by Rick Estrin and the Nightcats!

So tonight after returning from the vet’s office, I really didn’t want to sit around, so I went for a run. Even though the weather was beautiful tonight, low 70s, no humidity, I contemplated not running because my legs were sore, but the earlier happenings helped to push me out the door! Before I started, I said to myself, don’t worry about how fast you run, in the words of Nike “Just Do It”. So the first mile was under 10 minutes per mile. ok, didn’t feel too bad, but we’ll see how it goes going up hill. Up Pancoast not too bad, down Harper and I hit the two-mile mark, under 20 minutes, woo hoo! Down from the top of Harper to Bridgeboro and the three-mile mark under 30 minutes!! Still not feeling too bad, down Henry winding my way back home – and the four mile mark under 39:45!! Ok – last quarter (plus or minus) 2:23 – only 3 seconds slower than the first quarter! Oh, cooler weather thank you!!  Legs ok! Maybe there’s hope! It’s certainly encouraging!

The soundtrack for the run was Twistedthe 2009 release from Rick Estrin and the Nightcats . Their current release One Wrong Turn is Number 1 on the Roots Music Reports Blues Chart. Now I’d like to tell you all about the album, but I was really concentrating on the run, and the music was kinda’ in the background. I enjoyed what I heard, some great harp and I caught some good guitar riffs. From their website:

Rick Estrin, according to The San Francisco Chronicle, “is an amazing harmonica player, a soulful lead vocalist and a brilliant songwriter.” The award-winning musician, another critic said, “sounds like Little Walter playing and singing Leiber and Stoller.” Along with The Nightcats- jaw-dropping guitarist Chris “Kid” Andersen, singing drummer (who plays standing up) J. Hansen and dynamic multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Farrell (electric and acoustic bass, organ and piano)-Rick Estrin serves up fresh and modern original blues injected with a solid dose of gritty roadhouse rock ‘n’ roll.

I know that the album will get many more listens, hopefully, when I can concentrate on the music, and I am also going to check out that new album!

Here’s the band performing “You Can’t Come Back” from Twisted. You can check out more music at their Myspace page