FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Yesterday’s Soundtrack and Morning Blues from Dani Wilde!

So yesterday afternoon, after hearing Marley’s Ghost cover Paul Siebel’s “She Makes Me Lose My Blues”, I went to the original and listened to some of Paul’s music. The first track was the same song, I think Paul was one of the first folkies to have that Western twang in his music! Then came some of the other favorites like “Then Came the Children”, “My Town” and two all time favorites “Louise” and “Long Afternoons”. If you’ve never heard these songs check them out!!

After Siebel, I was looking through the playlists on the iPod  and came across an eleven track playlist I made called “Girls with Guitars” featuring tracks from four hot blues women! The playlist includes, three tracks from Shannon Curfman,  two from the Laurie Morvan Band,  three from Dani Wilde and three from Ana Popovic. Now, let me tell you if you like blues and hot guitar riffs, you’ll like these women. So check  out their great music!!

The woman whose music stood out yesterday were the tracks from Dani Wilde’s Juice Me Up !. So here’s morning blues from Dani Wilde! “I’d Rather Go Blind”