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Life’s Soundtrack – Running with some new acoustic blues (to me) from Catfish Keith!

So if you’ve read the post from earlier this evening, you already know that tonight was a running night, what you don’t know is that it almost was a very short run! When I started out my left hamstring about mid way up the back of the thigh felt bad, not bad enough to stop just bad enough to notice and want to stop, and I almost did! Anyway, I just slowed down and it didn’t get any worse so I kept going. I finished the four mile run and the good thing was that the miles were progressively faster! The last mile was the fastest of the four!! That has not been the case recently lately the mile times have been getting slower and slower and the last mile is the slowest. So maybe there is improvement!! I think I’ll take some naproxen tonight and tomorrow and see if I can knock out the pain!

Like I wrote earlier the soundtrack for the run was an acoustic blues album from Catfish Keith Put A Buzz On . Ok so until I saw his name last week on the Roots Music Blues Chart (this week the album’s at #26) I had never heard of Catfish Keith! I guess I should have because he has had a 30 year career headlining shows around the world and playing with most of the blues legends! Put A Buzz On is the Iowa based musician’s 14th album, you can read the Living Blues review of the album here. But the interesting aspect of the review is the end, where the author states:

But it’s the guitar genius that elevates Put on a Buzz to an entirely different listening experience. Ears will be “buzzing” with intoxicating sounds; blues fans new to Keith will be converted. I was. Before writing this review, I had never listened to Catfish Keith, scarcely heard of him.  Now I am a fan.”

See I’m not the only one who hasn’t heard of Catfish. Now the one’s who have well they know that he is really good!

“One of the finest acoustic bluesmen in America. Every fan of acoustic blues should have all of his discs in their collection. Every record label in America should be engaged in a bidding war. This man is flat-out spectacular!” -Big City Blues

“For Catfish Keith, a resonator guitar is an organic extension of his body, an instrument he plays intuitively and with absolute authority.  Manhandling Delta vamps, artfully finger picking rag-influenced Piedmont patterns and languidly chording ballads, Catfish is one of the premier pre-war style guitarists recording today.”                                                        – Living Blues

So after reading some of this press, I went back and listened to the album again this time focusing on the guitar and I came away impressed, he’s a fine, fine player and I think that this album will get a few more plays over the next few weeks!

But you can see his great guitar work for yourself in this video of Catfish performing   “Gonna’ Get My Hambone Boiled” Seeing it live is so much more impressive than just listening!