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Life’s Sountrack – slowly running with new blues from Shawn Starski!

So I decided to run on Monday this week, initially with the idea that I could run again in Williamsburg on Thursday and then again today. My wife reminded me, that I probably wouldn’t want to get up on Thursday morning and run and then spend the day moving, Elizabeth into her dorm room, which is on the third floor with no elevator and no air conditioning! I agreed and thought I would get up on Friday and run, but after a long day moving Lizzie in, when 7:00 am rolled around on Friday morning, the thought of getting up and running 4 miles and then driving for 6 hours was not appealing!! So I had no problem in talking myself into waiting until today to run. To run,ha it’s more like rapid walking I averaged just under 11 minutes per mile on my run today! The only good thing was that the run was over 4.5 miles! I think it’s time to go to the track and do some interval training, to see if I can get a little speed in these old legs!! The soundtrack for the run was Shawn Starski’s 2012 self-titled release. First a little press:

 “Starski is gaining a reputation as one of the young blues/rock stalwarts on the six string” Vintage Guitar Magazine

Shawn is undoubtedly one of the finest young guitar players out there today —I look forward to hearing his latest project” – Walter Trout

While this is Starski’s first solo release, he has been around the blues scene for a while, first playing with Jason Ricci and the New Blood from 2003 to 2010 and  currently touring with Otis Taylor, in support of Taylor’s latest release Contraband.  While Shawn was with Jason Ricci,  he wrote most of the music on the two Delta Groove releases   Rocket#9, and Done with the Devil. He’s also played with Kelly Hunt and the Shaun Murphy Band.

I really liked this album Starski’s guitar is outstanding and I really enjoyed the two jazz infused instrumentals especially “Hollows Eve” and the saxophone of  Cole Bergus.

Here’s ” Hallows Eve”  enjoy! Check out the album at the usual places including CDBaby