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Twangy Saturday – New Bluegrass – Part I

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I haven’t listened to any bluegrass lately, so I checked out the Roots Music Bluegrass Chart the other night and found two bands whose names I didn’t recognize, Milkdrive and New River Line. I did some checking found New River Line’s latest I’m Movin’ On  and Milkdrive’s  2011 release Road From Home. I gave each I fast listen the other night and today I listened to both of the albums all the way through.

First up was the New River Line’s I’m Movin’ On. The New River Line call Flat Gap, Kentucky home and was formed in 2002 by Dave Carroll, Jerry Chaney, Ron King, and Jamie Sparks. While they were a traditional bluegrass band they attempted to make the music their own and on their first release in 2002, 9 out of the 12 songs were penned by the band. The album gained the band recognition and airplay and on their follow-up album Chasin’ My Dreams all of the songs were written by the band! The album was produced by bluegrass legend Ron Stewart. I’m Movin’ On their 2012 release is also made up of all original compositions. The album was nearing completion in June of 2010 when an auto accident claimed the life of Jerry Chaney. The album has been dedicated to Jerry and will serve as a lasting memory! Dave Carroll is the only remaining founding member of the band, but he has put together another great group of musicians including; Chaston Carroll –vocals,mandolin, Chad Gilbert– bass and Adam Collinsworth — vocals, banjo, Dave himself handles vocals and guitars.

One of the reasons that I chose to listen to bluegrass today was that I have not had my fill of dobro, mandolin and banjo recently and New River Line certainly provided that! The are a tight band musically and Jerry dobro was great. I’m sure he will be missed immensely both as a friend and a musician. Since I only listened once it’s hard to give a recap of every track or even favorites, so let’s just say there was a lot of good pickin and singin’!

Here’s a new video posted yesterday of the New River Line performing “this Old Martin Box at the Foggy Valley Farm Bluegrass Festival! More about Milkdrive after a run tonight!