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Life’s Soundtrack – A decent run, music provided by Mark Cutler!

So it was a little warm tonight but not too bad, I could have made it an excuse not to run , but I didn’t! I am still slow as hell, but at least I made four miles tonight! My time was like 10:10 pace per mile through the first two miles and then I got slower and slower, I still ended up at 10:26 pace, which was the pace I ran on the last run, but the good thing was that tonight’s run was longer! Now if I can just keep it up and get another run in this week maybe I can start making some improvement!  The soundtrack for tonight’s run was an album that I saw on the FAR Chart last night  tied for 22 with, would you believe 22 other albums, Sweet Pain by Mark Cutler. A little background from his webpage…

 Providence, RI singer/songwriter, Mark Cutler leads a variety of roots-rock bands, combines powerful lyrics with memorable melodies and driving rhythm. He spins tales about men who drink alone or hover over a lover. He sings stories about ghosts, midget wrestlers, walking in the woods, being remembered, just being alive and getting used to this. Former Schemers and Raindogs front man…..

Mark is backed on the album by the Men of Great Courage composed of — Jimmy Berger (bass), Rick Couto (drums), Bob Kirkman (banjo/guitar/mandolin), and Richard Reed (keyboards) — are raucous and restrained, providing the perfect setting throughout (the disc was produced by Emerson Torrey, Jack Gauthier, and MC).

Now I could tell you all about how great the album is and it  is,I really like Mark’s voice,  his guitar work and his songwriting is pretty good, too, what more can you ask for! Anyway, rather than tell you about the album, I’ll let you read a fine review  that appeared in the The Boston Phoenix, but was written by Philadelphian Trip McClatchy Mark Cutler’s exquisite Sweet Pain  – think it’s a positive review!

Here’s Mark and friends performing a Raindogs song “Lonesome Pain” that appears on Mark’s new album..