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Life’s Soundtrack – A better run – music by Prog-Rock band Empty Tremor

ok so I still suck at running but I didn’t really start to feel bad until after the third mile in last nights run so I guess there’s improvement!! But it’s hard to have real improvement until I run more than one day a week!! The lack of running has been a combination of a sore leg and hot temperatures! Overall the run last night was almost a minute twenty faster than last weeks run – about a 10:25 pace! The soundtrack for the run was a prog-rock band from Italy Empty Tremor.

The album that I listened to was Iridium and is their  latest release. For the album the band welcomed back their former lead singer! The band is composed of :

Giovanni de Luigi – Lead and Back vocals
(From Apocolokyntosys to Eros and Thanatos, “Gio”is back!)
Dennis Randi – Bass
Marco Guerrini – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Christian Tombetti – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Marco Scott Gilardi – Keyboards & Back vocals
Dario Ciccioni – Drums & Percussions

Overall I like the band’s sound, which is a lot like Dream Theater and Giovani’s vocals are great! Here’s the opening track on the album and one of the best!