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New Folk:Ed Romanoff

So when I listened to “St. Vincent De Paul.” the first track on Ed Romanoff‘s self-titled debut album for the second time on my four mile run tonight, it remined me of Mary Gauthier‘s album The Foundling. Wait you listened to the song twice! The album must be very short, no the run was really long! The  ten track album clocks in at about 40 minutes, at which point, I was still a little way from my finish and was struggling along at about 11 minute per mile pace Now back to the music! There’s a reason that the song reminded me about Gauthier’s album and that is becaue, Ed wrote the song after he went with Mary Gauthier to the orphanage where she had been left on the day she was born!  After the trip, they became good friends, subsequently, Ed at Mary’s request joined her on the road as sideman, writing partner, and later in taking a DNA test. Mary wanted to learn more about her biological past, but Ed got the shock! In taking the test, Ed found the father he grew up with was not his biological father. “Sometimes you write a song and sometimes it writes you back,” he says.

Now this a great collection of well-crafted songs about life, the good and the bad. It’s not really a pick me up album and that was probably good for today’s run, what did I say the other night, misery loves company, and I needed company tonight because my left leg was giving me the misery!  But because I was going so slow, I was able to focus on the music, rather than the pain in my leg and there was alot to pay attention to: there’s a song about unrequited love  “Breakfast for one on the 5th of July” , one about the disappearance of a  man on a winter’s day “Lady Luck”, and the random shooting of a man and woman necking in a car, “Yellow Rose”. He made it, she didn’t. See not much to put you in a good mood there, is there.

The one song that is humorous is “I Must Have Done Something Right” where a guy recalls all the terrible things he’s done to his best friend, who somehow remains loyal through it all including -“that night I slept with your sister/You know I meant to keep that a secret”

The album has been on all the charts, it’s currently No 12 on the Euro-Americana Chart and No 22 on the FAR Chart. In addition, Ed was the 1st place winner in the lyrics category of the 2011 USA Songwriting Competition for “Breakfast for One on the 5th of July”

The album was produced by he album is produced by Crit Harmon, who has worked with Martin Sexton, Lori McKenna, and Mary Gauthier. Josh Ritter, Tift Merritt, Meg Hutchinson, and Mary Gauthier help out with harmony vocals!

So once again the run was tough, really the pits, but the music was great! Here’s a performance of the award winning “Breakfast for One on the 5th of July”

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