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Life’s Soundtrack – A tough run made better by Dreamscape!

Well, if long slow running is good for you I did well tonight, at least the slow part! Since it wasn’t blazingly hot today,  and my legs didn’t feel bad, I thought  it was a good night to run.  I was right as far as the temperature, it did got hot in the sun and was ok in the shade, and my legs felt ok throughout, but I was damn slow, at least over the last couple of miles. Overall I completed the 3. mile run averaging 10:47 per mile-ouch!  But hell, I think I’ve run two times over the last two weeks!

The soundtrack for the run is a progressive rock band I’ve been listening to over the last couple of days, Dreamscape, a band from Germany, remember porg-rock is a world-wide genre!!  From the Dreamscape is a…..

Five-piece prog metal band from Munich founded in 1986. They went to great lengths to attain the professionalism displayed on their albums, carefully avoiding aping the big guns (DREAM THEATER, FATE’S WARNING). Their music is melodic, powerful prog metal at its finest, with an emphasis on “melodic” and “powerful”. They spent several years honing their technical skills before concentrating on the actual song writing. When they felt ripe (and at a great financial cost to all members) they self-produced their debut album in order to have complete control over its every aspect. Since then, they have released two other first-rate albums. More

The album that I’ve been listening to is their latest release Everlight. The thing that I’m finding out about prog-rock is that it is best listened to with headphones that way you get to hear all the intricacies of the music. The music is varied there’s nice guitar, some good keyboard work (The Violet Flame Forever) and overall a great listen and it helped to listen to the music tonight to take me away from thinking about how I wanted to stop!! The prog-archives says that Dreamscape is highly recommended, especially to fans of DREAM THEATER, EMPTY TREMOR, ZEN, MAYADOME and SUPERIOR. Hum, I know Dream Theater but none of the others, guess I have some listening ahead of me!! So let’s go into the night with Dreamscape! “The Violet Flame Forever”