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Into the Night with Small Potatoes..”Waltz of the Wallflowers”

So I just finished a run, that you will get to be bored with after I take a shower and have dinner, but for now let’s go into the night with some music. The album that I was listening to through most of my run ended just short of the end of the run, so for my cool down I needed some new music. For some reason the other night the album and song Waltz of the Wallflowers popped into my head, so I turned it on! I picked up the album by Small Potatoes, the Chicago based folk duo of Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso several years ago and loved the album! The title track is one of the most inventive songs ever, in my opinion as two wallflowers try to figure out what to do at a dance! The rest of the album is filled with quirky, fun songs and a few touching ones especially,  “1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes”. They even touch on “Lather” by the Jefferson Airplance and do a nice job with a favorite of mine, Pete Seeger’s “Old Devil Time” .

The duo describes their music as” “Celtic to Cowboy.” But superb musicianship and showmanship, award-winning songwriting, and a strong sense of tradition has made them, as Dirty Linen Magazine once said, “one of the most polished, inventive, and entertaining shows on the circuit.” So check them out and we’ll go into the night with “Waltz of the Wallflowers…..