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Lunchtime Music from Molasses Creek “An Island Out of Time”


The other band that I’ve been listening to over the last few days is Molasses Creek and their new album An Island Out of Time.  The island in question is Ocracoke Island, NC. which according to their website is:

Only accessible by ferry, Ocracoke is an enchanting step out of modern times into a world of captivating natural beauty, rich maritime history, ghostly shipwrecks, heroic lifesavers, crafty pirates, and a community of 900 independently minded residents.

 An Island Out of Time is  the twelfth albums they’ve recorded over the past 19 years. In April of 2012, An Island Out of Time  reached the #4 spot on the National Folk Radio DJ Charts! (It is now at number 61, which is where  I spotted it)

Molasses Creek’s is a collaboration of some great musicians including:  Gary Mitchell (guitar/vocals), Fiddler Dave Tweedie (fiddle/vocals), Lou Castro (dobro/bass/vocals), Marcy Brenner (mandolin/banjolin/bass/vocals), and Gerald Hampton (mandolin/upright bass). Their musicianship is for me the highlight of the album and their vocals and harmonies are not far behind!  Here’s what some others say about the band:

 The band’s combination of harmony, humor, and love for the island they call home gives their work a distinct sound and vision.
~ Sing Out Magazine

Molasses Creek seamlessly blends traditional sounds with a contemporary vibe. They are extraordinary musicians with an uncanny blend.
~ Sandy Oxx, Executive Director of the Carroll Country Arts Council

So if you haven’t heard them check them out, as for me as always I have their back catalog to check out!!

Well, you know I love the fiddle player in most bands and Dave Tweedie joins my ever growing list of favorites, so here is a video that features Dave and some great fiddling! (oh, and I always enjoy the instrumentals on most albums)

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  1. Fiddler Dave Tweedie

    Thanks for spreading the word about our music!

    Fiddler Dave & crew
    Molasses Creek

  2. Ruth

    Love, LOVE Molasses Creek! So very talented and put on the best of shows – always! Am always excited when I go to Ocracoke and happen to get to hear them, too. Have several of their CD’s – alway equally great! 🙂

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