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Favorite Folk Albums – Part II

So continuing yesterday’s lis,t here are albums 6 through10 on an attempted list of my favorite all time “Folk” albums!

6. A1A – Jimmy Buffet – this album could easily be in the top five I wore it out in the 70’s listening to songs like “Door No. 3” and of course “Nautical Wheelers” and probably my favorite “A Pirate Looks at Forty“!

7. Songs of Leonard Cohen – Leonard Cohen – like most folks my introduction to Leonard Cohen’s music came from “Suzanne”, but the other songs on this album like “Sisters of Misery” and “The Stranger” were liked just as much. Very early in our dating actually the first date I took my wife on was to see “McCabe and Mrs Miller” and Robert Altman’s use of Cohen’s music in the movie was remarkable, like the music was written for the movie! My wife and I got to see him live once at Irvine Auditorium on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania not long after seeing the movie!!

8. Short Stories – Harry Chapin – now an artist that my wife introduced me to and went on to be smoeone we both loved and saw countless times was Harry Chapin. While “Taxi” and “Cats in the Cradle” were maybe his best know songs , the songs on this album were some of my favorites, with my favorite being “Mr Tanner“! But “Mail Order Annie” and “W*O*L*D” are not far behind!

9. Livingston Taylor – Livingston Taylor – this album is just chock full of songs that have played over and over in the iPod in my brain over the last forty years. From “Sit on Back”, “Packet of Good Times” to Liv’s cover of “Six Days on the Road” the albums always with me in spirit!

Now at number ten I could put a myriad of albums including Steve Goodman’ debut album, and Batdorf and Rodney’s Off the Shelf. I’ll pick….


10. “Rehearsals for Retirement – Phil Ochs – I already knew of Phil’s music from songs like “Outside of a Samll Circle of Friends”, Flower Lady” and “Love Me, Love Me I’m a Liberal“. But released in 1969 this album solidified my fandom! With songs like “I Kill Therefore I Am” and “Pretty Smart on My Part”  justaposed to songs like “My Life” nd “The Doll House” , was just genius to me!

Ok so there you have my top ten favorite folk albums of all time at least as I think about them today!! Sorry I don’t have links to songs on this post, but I need to go make lunch to get ready to go to work at Target, ugh!

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