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My Favorite Folk Albums – Part I

This is an attempt to come up with a list of my favorite all time folk albums. More to come!

1. One of the first folk songs that I really loved was Jerry Jeff’s “Ramblin’ Scramblin'” I’d never heard a song like that and I was hooked! This album probably started it all I still love the songs on this album from “Maybe Mexico”, “L.A Freeway”, I Makes Money” to “My Old Man” which may be the best track on this album.

My Old Man


2. I’ve said before that i picked this album up when I was at the University of Florida based upon the liner notes from Kris Kristofferson but one listened to “Hello in There”, “Paradise”, “sam Stone” and all the rest told me that this album was special!

01 Illegal Smile



3. You know these first three albums positions could all be changed because I love all three! Tom was the best at finding the best songs from other artists and then making them his own, which he did on this album with songs like “CircleGame”, “Urge for Going” and “Shadow Dream Song” But his songs like “Rockport Sunday” and “No Regrets” aren’t too shabby!

10 No Regrets

4. Like Jerry Jeff, Tom Paxton wrote songs like I’d never heard before, like “Cindy’s Crying” and “Jimmy Newman”. His songs ranged from humorous “Forest Lawn” to touching “Annie’s Going to Sing Her Song” and eveything in between like “Whose Garden was This”. Just a wonderful, wonderful album.

08 Tom Paxton – Cindy’s Crying





5. I just asked my wife based upon what she had to year over the last 40 years what album would she put next I mentioned many of the albums that will be 6 through 10 and I mentioned Steve Goodman. Now I had put Steve’s first album on the list, but she quickly said the album with “The Dutchman” so Somebdy Else’s Troubles is album five!! Along with the aforemention “Somebody Elese’s Troubles”, tracks like Chicken Cordon BLues”, “Six Hours Ahead of the Sun” and “The Ballad of Penny Evans”, this album is deserving of it’s position at No 5!

Steve Goodman-I Ain’t Heard You Play No Blues

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