FreeWheelin' Music Safari

Sunday’s Six Pack – from Prog Rock to blues, bluegrass, folk and back!

So it seems that on the trip to go to work at Target and then back home that I can listen to about six songs. So I put the iPod on random shuffle and recently added and got an eclectic play list – of course the trip there featured a little less music because almost nine minutes was taken up by the first song “The Man Who Knows Your Name” by District 97. See, Prog Rock does not work on short car trips!! Anyway here’s the playlist….

1. “The Man Who Knows Your Name” District 97 – The more I get to know this song the more I like it – still really like that cello!

2. “When You Got a Good Friend (originally Robert Johnson – some acoustic blues from Morgan Davis’ album Drive My Blues Away. I haven’t listened to this album fully but the tracks I’ve heard I’ve liked!

3. “Blackbirds” – The Brothers Comatose Respect the Van. I really like the Brothers Comatose folky bluegrass music, I love their first album and this one may top it. You’ll be reading more about it shortly!

4. “The Beauty of You” – Bap Kennedy – The Sailor’s Revenge – another “I’ve heard a few tracks album”. I particularly liked this track tonight!

5. “Last Nashville Rose” Barley Station – After All  – I saw the ad for this album on No Depression so I thought I’d try it. Now as soon as I say nah, I don’t really think it’s my style I know the next time I listen to the album I’ll really like it! So stay tuned!! 

6. So the last tune came on as I got closer to home a nice acoustic piece for the first few minutes, and then all hell broke lose and I was listening to “The Sound of Flies”  from The Shadow Theory and their album Behind the Black Veil and pretty musch enjoying it.

So I started the ride with some Prog Rock, had some acoustic blues, folk, bluegrass. Americana mixed in and ended with another Prog Rock piece, yes, an eclectic six pack!!

Here’s “The Sound of Flies” from The Shadow Theory……