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Lunchtime Music – Buskin & Batteau – The Boy with the Violin”

In the early 70s I picked up an album In California, by a duo Compton & Batteau. The album spent a fair time in the rotation but then fell by the wayside as I moved on to other albums. About fifteen plus years later, I bought a Tom Rush album  Late Night Radio a live concert broadcast of Club 47 from Symphony Hall in Boston, and Robin Batteau appeared again on my record player this time performing with David Buskin as Buskin & Batteau. (Now you probably know Robin Batteau even if you’ve never heard his music, bacuse you’ve heard his jingles form commercials. How about “I’m Lovin’ It” for McDonalds and “The Heartbeat of America” for Chevrolet.)   In the 70s I had also become a fan of  David Buskin’s from his self-titled album and the song “Come With” along with all the other great songs on that album! (Buskin also a jingle writer, wrote the jingle for NBC for which he won a Clio Award in 1983. He co-wrote All Aboard America for Amtrak, and did work for Burger King, JC Penny, and the US Postal Service)  But back to the music, on the album they performed “A Boy with a Violin” and through the years that song along with the following track on the album “Beam Me Up Scotty” have been favorites.  So when I was trolling for music this morning, I came across this performance of the song from the 2009 Philadelphia Folk Festival! So here’s some lunchtime music from the duo of Buskin and Batteau “The Boy with a Violin”

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  1. LB

    This is a life long favorite from a life long favorite.

  2. Alison Provost

    Thank you! It’s a shame the beautiful original recording is so hard to find. Not on iTunes, Amazon or anywhere else that i can find other than the B&B page on mySpace. But I can’t seem to download it from there. If you know where to get it, please let me know. Thanks again.

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